Come Together, Right Now: 8 Bands We Wish Would Reunite in 2016

By Gabrielle Sierra • April 11, 2016

We are just four months into the New Year and already the 2016 concert lineup reads like a time traveler's wish list. An insane number of bands have announced their decision to reunite, producing new music and booking new dates while putting aside old feuds, statements of permanent partings and solo side projects. Long-separated bands like Guns N’ RosesLCD SoundsystemWeen and At The Drive In have all begun touring, while other groups like NWA and The Spice Girls have been hinting at a potential reunion. 

But are we satisfied? Quite the contrary—all of these reunions have left us thirsty for more! Here are 8 bands we wish would drop what they are doing and reunite for our own selfish listening pleasures.

7 Controversial Acadamy Awards Moments

By Gabrielle Sierra • February 24, 2016

The 2016 Academy Award season has been riddled with controversy over what many see as a severe lack of diversity. Hashtags have been born and boycotts have been announced, all leading to a promised overhaul in the Oscar voting policies and pool. But the Academy Awards are no stranger to controversy. From wacky acceptance speeches to possible assaults, this show has seen more than its share of memorable moments, and here are 7 that stand out the most.

10 Anti-Valentine's Day Songs for When You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling

By Gabrielle Sierra • February 11, 2016

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you can’t so much as buy a carton of milk without being bombarded by cheesy paper hearts and crappy love songs. Every restaurant is booked and every movie seat filled and all you can think to do is hide under the covers until the morning comes. But instead of giving up on Cupid’s birthday, get in on the fun with your own anti-Valentine’s day playlist—one that is so badass it actually rips the petals off all those overpriced roses. So pull your head out from under your pillow and put on those headphones or, better yet, turn your speaker way up and rock out to 10 great bitter, angry, sappy and ultimately empowering anti-love songs

Q&A: Sofar Sounds Co-Founder Rafe Offer Explains The Intimate Showcase’s Origins

By Gabrielle Sierra • September 22, 2015

The Sofar rules are something we could all live by: Good music, good people keeping quiet during the sets and a good living room. It happens to the best of us: You are at a show and the person behind you is talking, that guy in front of you is on his phone, you are so far away from the stage that you can’t even tell who is playing and you are too embarrassed to ask your friends if that was the headliner or the second act. Take comfort, you are not alone.

5 Notable Artists Turned Film Directors

By Gabrielle Sierra • August 20, 2015

Chris Evans may be known for his roles in movies like “Captain America” and “Snowpiercer,” but the actor recently took a turn behind the camera, diverging from his leading man title to direct and produce the upcoming romance film, “Before We Go.” It is Evans’ directorial debut, and probably not the last film we will see helmed by the actor. Yet Evans is hardly the first artist to jump from one focus to another. Many famous actors, photographers, painters, dancers and musicians have done the same, taking a seat in the director’s chair with spectacular and highly successful results. Here are five of the best and brightest.